Diving Rapa Nui

I hadn’t dived in a few years (since the debacle with kit in Mexico) so I started off with a refresher dive in the Hanga Roa Bay and it turned out to be the right thing to do.

The dive was fantastic, at a depth of about 17 metres on a bustling coral reef including some great towering channels and a decent swim through.

I saw four enormous green turtles – what a breathtaking experience! The gentle giants were very friendly and one circled around me very close a few times (and at this point I was really eyeing up his huge beak!).

I also saw some parrot fish, trigger fish, butterfly fish, pufferfish, cowfish, filefish, trumpet fish, loads of sea cucumbers, spiny sea urchins and a moray eel. So much for there not being much sea life…

The next dive was to visit the sunken Moai at 22 metres depth in the bay. I saw similar fish to the first dive, minus the turtles but it was still a lovely dive along the coral reef and the visibility was about 25 metres.

The island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so the water is not as warm as you might expect at a tropical paradise. It’s about 21 degrees, so I opted to wear a hood along with my full length wetsuit. It was a good call I think because I was toasty the whole time.

I chose to use two different companies (Orca and Mike Rapa) which both came recommended online. Both are on the harbour front and have the same prices: $40.000 pesos (£45) for a refresher and $35.000 pesos (£40) for a normal dive. The instructors were all great and the kit seemed in slightly better shape at Orca but I really liked Gonzalo who works at Mike Rapa.

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