Mendoza – all the yummy wines

Today, 14th December, was my first full day in Mendoza. It’s flat and surrounded by world class wineries producing millions of litres of wine per year, including my favourite – Malbec. What better way to explore than to take a bike and wine tour!!

The tour started at Bodegas Lopez, one of the best in the region. Our guide, Nicolas was incredible and the tour was fascinating.

Some poor sod actually has to climb through this tiny door to clean out the sediment from this enormous barrel.

We tasted some of the wines and I couldn’t help myself, I bought a couple of bottles. Incredible value at about £8 for both!!! Excited to try them at Christmas.

The next winery was less special but had a nicer, aged Malbec to try.

The third place was lovely, the owner was such a nice old man and he showed us around the grounds and I got to play with his lovely dog.

And these are Malbec grapes!! My favourite!

He even took us to see his bees!

This was me trying to find a place to hold the plate without squeezing a bee.

The wine there was lovely too.

That was our last winery. It was a lovely day out with Jodie from Canberra and Paul from Ireland.

We stopped for an ice cold craft beer on the way back and then Jodie, myself and Mark from Texas went out for an excellent meal at El Asadito restaurant in Mendoza. Highly recommended. We shared the Parrillada for 2 between the three of us and there was a mountain of food. Plus the wine was delicious… All up it was about $265 pesos each (less than £12). Recommended! Don’t go before 9:30pm and make a reservation if possible.

Now I better get on with planning my hike to Aconcagua base camp tomorrow…

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