Corrientes – off the beaten track

Corrientes is a great place to spend a few days! An unexpected gem when really all we needed was a stopover to break up a 1,400km drive. It’s a chilled out place where you could easily get lost for two weeks unwinding.

We spent our time walking along the huge Paraná River and going to the beach!

We also found some really lovely cafés and were pleased to be able to pay card because we hadn’t managed to find anywhere to change any dollars and the ATM fees are extortionate! One thing we had both heard about Argentina is how difficult it is to pay in cash.

We have not found that at all yet. What we have found is that Argentinian banks are terrible!! I’ve yet to uncover exactly what is going on but every morning there are hundreds of people queuing outside each bank in the city. Sometimes the queue goes all the way around the block!

So we preferred to stay by the waterfront as much as possible except to visit the nice architecture. Our hotel was on the same square as this lovely cathedral.

We spent the second evening at the beach. It had an amazing atmosphere – hundreds of groups of people were hanging out together drinking and relaxing.

The sunset was breathtaking. Worth the drive just to see that!

We found a nice beachfront restaurant and some cool bars that were lively but they don’t stay out in the bars as late as in the bigger cities, everyone was just hanging out at the beach!

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  1. Merry Christmas!!!
    Wow – what an amazing experience.
    I’m really proud of your adventurous spirit, and a little jealous :o)
    Lots of love
    Mum x

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