Driving to Corrientes – following the lazy Paraná River

Today I experienced what it’s like to drive through a giant swarm of wasps at 85 miles an hour. It was not cool. I also hit a bird (or three) and am still cut up about it. Apart from all that death and destruction, the drive was fantastic. We drove 750km from Rosario to Corrientes on smooth tarmac following the Parana River North towards Paraguay. The scenery was spectacular and I’ve never seen so much wildlife on a car journey. It was boiling in the car as the sun was so intense but it wasn’t unbearable outside of the car. We also drive through a group of fisherman protesting about their rights and were very lucky the road wasn’t closed in our direction. The drive took almost a whole day and we didn’t arrive into Corrientes until after 8pm. We drove through the sister settlement, Resistencia, on the western bank of the Parana before heading over the huge bridge into Corrientes at sunset. The B&B we had hoped to stay in seemed to have closed down so we headed to get some dinner in the city and found a hotel with a decent price so stayed there! We found excellent steak sandwiches served with chips on Plaza Torrents at a nice bar restaurant and sat out on the busy square.

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