Rosario – hitting the steak and wine hard

I arrived in Rosario bus station on time at 7am and had completely run out of money so I had to walk 3.5km with my bags to get to the hostel in the city. It was nice and cool in the early morning but my bags weigh a tonne and I was exhausted when I arrived at Be King Hostel. The building is really quirky, having been converted from a large house into lots of dorms. Pedro, the Brazilian guy working at the desk, was really friendly and let me check in straight away at 8am so I could get showered and then scope out the city before Steven arrived in the car from Buenos Aires at lunchtime. I watched a huge political parade from the balcony of the room complete with thousands of flags and a pretty awesome marching band. Rosario is the third biggest city in Argentina and has an interesting variety of architecture built up over the years including some grand theatres. Steven and I explored for a couple of days and saw all the main sites. The city is on the banks of the Parana River and there is a lovely walk/cycle track all along the waterfront. No trip of mine would be complete without an iconic monument being shrouded in scaffolding, so here is the monument to the flag, viewed from the front under a heavy layer of mystery. I’m sure it’s beautiful…

There was a bit of rain while we were in Rosario but it was still warm and humid mostly while we explored the city, particularly the areas along the banks of the river. We found some great graffiti here. The food in Rosario is great and we found two particularly nice restaurants for dinner. I am almost certain I have eaten my body weight in steak already but I’m not ready to stop searching for the best steak in Argentina. This enormous steak came from a restaurant called Viejo Balcon which is near the riverbank to the north of the city. It cost less than £12 and the Malbec went perfectly with it. I still need to learn to say Medium Rare though!! The other good restaurant for dinner is called Lo Mejor del Centro and it’s slightly less fancy to look at, but it’s right in the centre and the food is great, with a decent bottle of wine costing less than £4.50. All in all, Rosario is worth a couple of days to enjoy some good restaurants, bars and cafes but it’s not my favourite place so far on the trip. If you wind up there then the Be King Hostel is great and beds cost about £8.50 per night in a nice dorm.

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