Drive day to Brazil

The 8 hour drive from Corrientes to Foz do Iguaçu across the border into Brazil on December 23rd was phenomenal. The weather at the start was apocalyptic. We also came across a large wildfire and had to drive through patches of smoke which totally obscured the road! But as we headed East along the Paraguayan border, the weather became clearer and we saw tonnes of wildlife on our right in Iberá National Park. I saw some amazing wildlife, particularly birds including wild rhea, southern crested caracara, red-crested cardinals, a few different egrets, woodpeckers, huge storks and parakeets. Really excited about going into the park next week now! On the drive we stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere at a Parrilla place and had an all you can eat buffet of meats, bread and salsa for $100 pesos each and it was a cool experience. We couldn’t be certain what any of it was but we tried a bit of everything including beef, chicken, intestines, yams and sausages. The border between Argentina and Brazil is really open so we got our exit stamps and then drove across the bridge and into Brazil, as simple as that! We stayed at the Tetris Container Hostel, made entirely out of ISO shipping containers, and it’s the largest one in the world. Super cool. There isn’t a huge amount of atmosphere to be honest because most people are already in groups to head to the falls, but they hand out free Caipirinhas at 8pm, which is not to be sniffed at. The dorms are all funny shapes to fit in ISO containers but they are really cool and the common areas are great. We found a gorgeous restaurant for dinner almost opposite the hostel and ordered some ceviche and an enormous T-bone steak to share (thankfully the waiter told us they were huge as we thought it was a little pricey but not for two..!) There is also a bar called the Ostra Bebada which serves mean Caipirinhas which is worth a visit. Looking forward to visiting the Brazilian side of the falls tomorrow.

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