Christmas, a helicopter at Iguazu Falls and into Paraguay

Alongside our adventuring at the Iguazu falls we stayed in both Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Puerto Iguazu (Argentina). On our way over the border from Brazil we stopped at the Monument to the Three Borders in Brazil, with great views across the river to Argentina and Paraguay. It was a nice place to chill out with some music playing.

The town of Puerto Iguazu had absolutely nothing going on for Christmas Eve so there was a very limited choice of places to eat (one restaurant). However, the Italian restaurant had a special 6-course Christmas menu which was an unexpected treat! We had another bottle of Argentinian Malbec to wash down some fancy food. The best things were the prawn and gorgonzola mousse and the perfectly cooked steak. The restaurant was busy as it was the only place open and it took hours to get through all the courses. At midnight, as it became Christmas Day, thousands of fireworks went off all across the city. A cool start to Christmas Day. As per the Iguazu post, we spent Christmas day at Iguazu falls then came back to Nomads Hostel to relax and cook Christmas dinner. The hostel was really quiet but has a lovely layout with different areas to cook and chill out. I spent a fair while swinging in a hammock too, making the most of my first hot Christmas. As per normal Argentinian timings, our Christmas dinner wasn’t ready until after 1am, though it was delicious. Steven cooked steak with roast potatoes and carrots with vegetables and gravy. We had cake, strawberries and plenty of wine too and spent most of the evening talking to a long-term travelling Swiss called Dave. On Boxing Day morning we got up fairly early to have a scenic helicopter ride over the falls. It wasn’t cheap (430 Reals, £96) but it was breathtaking!! Definitely worth it. The helicopters have 6 seats so it’s fairly easy to see out even if it’s not so easy to take photos with the pilot pulling steep climbs and turns! We got to fly over all of the falls we had seen over the two days walking along the trails and the Devil’s Throat was possibly even more impressive from the air. The sheer scale is just staggering. After the helicopter ride we drove over the border into Paraguay to visit Ciudad del Este. We weren’t actually sure if we would make it over the border so we didn’t reserve anywhere to stay. The border was straightforward except we didn’t see anywhere for Paraguay immigration so we carried on over the bridge with cars and bikes creating two extra lanes. It was quite an exciting experience to drive there. The city, Ciudad del Este, is the second biggest city in Paraguay and is very different to Brazil as it’s really commercial and full of huge shopping malls.

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