Buenos Aires – the city of tango

There are lots of faces to Buenos Aires so it’s worth spending at least 4 or 5 days here to see all the major sights without rushing. I’ve got until 9th January before I fly down to Southern Argentina so we’re splitting the time between Buenos Aires and a few days in Montevideo, Uruguay. On New Year’s Day we didn’t do a huge amount as we spent quite a while looking for a market to buy food to cook but most places were closed. We walked quite a few miles and found a lovely restaurant in San Telmo called Don Ernesto, where we decided to treat ourselves to lunch with wine (more Malbec of course!) The food was delicious, I highly recommend treating yourself to a decent meal here sitting outside watching the world go by in this charming street. The seafood is fantastic and my steak a la Portuguesa was incredibly tasty. On 2nd January we explored the Recoleta area of the city, with beautiful architecture and a famous cemetery filled with towering mausoleums. The mausoleum of Eva Peron (Evita) is there and is one of the only graves with any floral tributes. The cemetery is also overlooked by some really cool bars so we stopped to enjoy some brunch when we were there. The other main attraction in Recoleta is the Floralis GenĂ©rica, an impressive 23m high sculpture of a flower. The enormous petals open and close each day at 8am and 8pm and when they are closed the structure is lit with red lights from within. It is set within a nice park with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view. The bars looked great there so we’ll head back to check them out after Uruguay! Tuesday nights at the hostel are tango nights! We had our first tango lesson and it was great fun. We only learned two sets of steps but it’s certainly a fantastic taster and I can’t wait to learn more. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures next time! On the 3rd January we started to explore La Boca region of the city. The birthplace of tango. It’s full of brightly painted buildings with slightly peeling facades but it’s still charming. Plus there are couples dancing tango in the street along to some pretty music. We didn’t get long enough to explore La Boca as we had to head to our ferry to take us to Uruguay. We made sure to stop for food at a nice cafe overlooking the street and got talking to a couple from Denmark. Then we had to head off but not before practicing our tango steps in the middle of the street in the birthplace of tango! Our fourth country in less than 3 weeks since Steven landed. Not bad going. Onwards to Montevideo.

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