Fiesta and Pintxos in San Sebastian

I spent a whirlwind 48 hours in San Sebastian with James and his friends Chad and Austin. We met two amazing German girls called Johannah and Christina and the 6 of us partied and ate tapas (Pintxos in Basque) at so many incredible tiny places for two days straight.

This is my first time in Spain! I can’t believe I’ve finally arrived. And it’s even funnier because I lived so close for all these years and I chose to visit so many other places – Spain is the 70th country I’ve visited!

San Sebastian is called Donostia in Basque, so it has two names but is exactly the same place.

We could not have timed our visit better. We arrived during Semana Grande (literally “Great Week”) where there are daily processions, street concerts but the piece de resistance is the annual International Fireworks Competition. Each night a company from a different country puts on the most wonderful, fabulous, awe-inspiring fireworks display. This is coming from someone who has actually been involved in commercial displays before! Both nights we witnessed the best firework displays I had ever seen. On the first night, the display lasted nearly half an hour, and both displays contained new and exciting products including the loudest fireworks I have ever heard, by far.

The fireworks came at a perfect time in the evening to take a break from our eating and drinking and then we carried straight back on.

The food in San Sebastian is sensational and the Pintxos bars are all packed the whole time. The most difficult thing is to stop yourself ordering too much to try in each place.

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Oh and I didn’t even say the best bit yet. It’s not overpriced. We were drinking consistently gorgeous house red wine for between €2-3 per glass.

And the Pintxos cost between €2.5 and about €5 per piece depending on the bar.

It’s definitely fig season. Which has got to be another reason to be here because they love figs as much as I do. I’ve decided, when I next have a home, I’m going to try my hardest to have a fig tree. Or maybe I should let that determine where I next have a home…

We all fell in love with a metal bar called The Hole so we ended up there both nights playing darts and table football listening to some great rock and metal.

On our second day there, da boiz and I hiked up one of the hills for some amazing views over the city.

The boys left a little bit before Johannah, Christina and I, so we had one final brunch and a lovely chat before I headed to the airport for my next stop – Barcelona! It was such a funny morning and Johannah and Christina were interviewed for a TV programme about the food in San Sebastian and why tourists go there.

It was a whirlwind was it was absolutely amazing.

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