Tbilisi Sulphur Bath Day!

This is the most wonderful experience and if you haven’t yet had a proper Turkish/Georgian bath then I insist you give it a try. You will never feel more clean that this IN YOUR LIFE!

Today I am at the public sulphur bath in Tbilisi. I paid 3 Lari for entry and I brought my own towel, though you can rent one here if you wish.

The women’s bath only has a shower room which has 10 taps around the room where you can mix boiling hot sulphur water with cold water until it is at a temperature you can withstand.

As I walked in to the women’s area I was greeted by some stern Russian-speaking women and asked if I wanted a massage and pilling (scrub, I’ve not heard the word before but it’s the same word in Russian). I opted for both, costing 10 Lari each and was told that the woman would meet me in five minutes in the shower room.

I am not sure if nakedness is enforced in here but it is definitely the norm and I’m not a typical Brit so I’ve no problem stripping off for a good ol’ scrub.

The water has a strong sulphur smell but it’s not actually unpleasant and the shower was heaven. These baths are where life really happens and it’s not an unsociable place at all. Most of the other women were fairly old locals and they’ve been coming to this place for years so it’s a second home for them.

I had my lovely shower and then one of the attendants called me over for my scrub and massage. It was heaven.

The glove took so very much skin off and the woman showed me gleefully a few times just how much dead skin was coming off, practically in sheets! Haha, even though I’ve done this before, the skin still astounds me.

After the scrub, the woman lathered me up with the most luxurious and slippery soap I have ever felt and I had a brief but very relaxing massage and I am now squeaky clean.

I left the shower room a few times to drink some green tea with the other ladies. Everybody is speaking Russian so I’m glad I can understand bits and pieces and I’ve also got a Russian translator on my phone so I can reply when I understand but don’t know the right words!

This experience really was a cheap luxury, costing £8.25 in total.

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