Night train to Yerevan

To me that sounds more like an electronic music album than a blog post.

Seb and I arrived at the train station in Tbilisi 10 minutes before the train and weren’t sure which platform to go to, but then I remembered that our train would definitely already be there waiting and that it was probably the only train there. Which turned out to be true.

The train splits in the night, with at least one part going to another part of Georgia rather than joining us in Armenia. We found our carriage and the attendant did a lot of shouting in Russian at us and had moved us from our booked beds to different ones but eventually we both ended up in the same carriage.

As soon as I lay down I was asleep; I love sleeping on night trains! And I woke briefly at the border and then again at 6:30am when the woman came down the carriage yelling again and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

I got up and saw the sun rise and then spotted Mount Ararat out of the opposite window so I sat watching the sun turn the mountain top red.

Pretty uneventful and pleasant and the tickets cost less than £15! Plus you get to wake up in a new country!

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