My limited experience of Cebu

I don’t really think it’s fair to use a country’s driving as a measure of whether you like a culture or not but sometimes I really do struggle with the way Filipinos operate. The Jeepneys are awesome. But the traffic and the decisions people make when they drive are insane.

There is utterly no obligation to look before you do anything, from changing lanes, turning left across three lanes of traffic or suddenly stopping on a busy main road. And the people just don’t seem to look out for each other in the same way I’ve experienced in other places. It seems that everyone is out for themselves (and their family) but just don’t consider anybody else.

In the Jeepneys in Cebu you get such a strange mix of signals to tell the driver to stop. It’s as if you get points for style. One dude just made kissy noises and the driver didn’t hear (obviously because it’s loud – there are no windows, there’s a huge amount of traffic and the engine is roaring). Bizarre.

Plus people will just push past you like you don’t exist – I got out of the front seat to let another guy out and before I knew it, a man had jumped in and managed to take up both seats. It’s not like I left a gap really so I’m amazed he decided to squeeze past me.

I also feel like people here try to rip you off more so you’ve got to be confident that you can do something because people will tell you that you can’t.

For instance, you CAN get a Jeepney from the port to the Southern Bus Terminal. It’s the 02B (they’ve even got route numbers here!). It costs about 8 Pesos. But it’s not worth it if you are in any sort of hurry as the route goes away from the port to the north before coming back down. I like Jeepneys though.

Or you could use Grab and save some money over the regular taxi price.

Anyway, now I’m on a bus which should take roughly three hours from Cebu. We shall see.

I heard that you could get a van from near the bus station which is quicker but I couldn’t find it on the map until just now. It’s labelled on MAPS.ME as One City Link V-Hire Southbound Terminal.

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