High Rollin’ in Macau

Macau is really amazing and it’s so different from Hong Kong and China. Kat and I spent three days here at the end of our travels together. Until next time Kat!

The place is small and it’s easy to get around by bus which cost 6 MOP/HKD (£0.60) per journey. The only thing to watch is that some routes don’t operate past 7pm, which caught Kat and I out one night. You’ll notice that much of a Macau adventure revolves around food…

We arrived on the ferry from Hong Kong and took the free shuttle bus to Grand Coloane Resort. This is on the south side of the island next to a nice beach. The resort is apparently 5 star but it doesn’t seem especially nice so I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you get a very good deal during the summer. Our room was nice and a very good size with a balcony overlooking the beach, it was just too chilly to spend much time out there.

We visited Coloane village which has a famous Michelin star bakery, Lord Stow, selling the best egg tarts. And boy were they incredible! There’s a pretty standard price for bakeries so egg tarts cost 10 MOP (£1) but we bought 6 tarts in a gorgeous box from the Lord Stow Bakery for 55 MOP (£5.50). We walked around Coloane eating them and visiting temples. We visited a market to buy fruit for breakfast and bought some wine for our night in The Venetian.

We caught a bus towards the hotel but we stopped off at Fernando’s Restaurant for dinner. It came highly recommended and it was excellent! We had stewed beef in delicious spices and grilled squid (with four whole squid!) plus half a litre of wine for 386 MOP (£38.75).

The tide was in and it was a bit too windy to walk down the beach so we tried to catch another bus (this is when we found out they don’t run late to our resort). We walked along the road and I tried to hitchhike but it really isn’t a thing here so we didn’t get picked up.

We chilled out in the room and I did some kit admin after a bottle of shampoo exploded in my bag.

Neither of us slept well despite comfy beds but the next day we checked out and moved to our final hotel of Kat’s two week trip.

We moved to The Venetian – the biggest casino in the whole world! The one with the gondolas. It’s jaw-dropping to see the inside of the lobby!

We left our bags with the sweet bellboy and caught a bus to the central part of Macau, north of the casinos. We spent the afternoon wandering around visiting sights and shopping too – this place is incredible for shopping.

We bought bubble tea and then went to try another Macanese specialty – pork chop bap from an excellent street food vendor down a side alley.

There is a famous Macanese bakery chain and I bought some mouthwatering chili tender pork jerky from there. It’s an absolute must-see in Macau, especially one of the larger stores, which will blow your mind. You can try practically everything here so maybe don’t bother with lunch one day and just do the rounds in the bakery and a couple of other stalls on the road leading up towards the ruins of St Paul’s.

The ruins of St Paul’s church are cool. Only the front facade survived a fire in the 1830s but the stone carvings are really interesting – there is a dragon, a seven-headed hydra and a skeleton depicted, as well as a ship with beautiful sails and Chinese inscriptions – not your average church!

Then we caught another bus and took a trip through seemingly most of the streets of Macau, so it was good to see so much of the old city.

We were moving painfully slowly towards a pre-booked Afternoon Tea at the Macau Tower! It’s only on from 3:30-5pm and those timings are stricter than we could have imagined. But nevertheless… The food was delicious!! There was more than I expected, I thought we would only get half of the bite-sized dishes on the list. There was a bit of everything and it was all so beautifully presented.

The weather was quite foggy so it wasn’t the best views ever but it was still nice. I hadn’t actually realised it was a revolving restaurant until we arrived!

We took another free shuttle to the Cotai Strip, this one dropped us off at Studio City so we got to walk down the whole strip at sunset, past all the glitz and glamour.

Surprisingly, people inside the casinos and the malls, with the super high-end shops and the high stakes tables, are dressed casually, not even smart casual. But screw them, this is Macau.

Kat and I nap in our beautiful suite and then got dolled up and hit the casino floor. We spent about three hours down there, at first scoping out the tables, playing slots and then moving on to blackjack where I lost almost all my remaining chips. As we were deciding whether or not to call it a night, we are stood at the roulette table where I have just been explaining the rules and the bets to Kat. She leant over the table and scattered chips on a few wide bets and stacked the rest on lucky number 8. I nearly inhaled my tongue when the damned ball landed on 8 and the croupier just keeps sending chips this way. She made back all the money and some. We stagger around in disbelief and then cash out with grand plans for “in-suite dining” breakfasts.

We were still packing as breakfast arrived at our suite this morning but we found enough time to enjoy it and not get a late check out fee. Today was a proper relaxing day; we used the winnings to pay for a gondola ride in the Venetian Grand Canal.

We also wandered around the super high-end shops in the Venetian Mall and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in the City of Dreams.
Then it was time to go our separate ways! Kat is going back to Hong Kong for her flight and I’m flying to Shanghai from Macau Airport. It all went off without a hitch so we are both checked in and waiting. It’s been a great two weeks and it’s almost the end of this trip for me so it’s a strange feeling to say goodbye to Kat. But I wonder where we will meet next…

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  1. The Venetian looks posh :o) You two look great in your glad rags! The food looks delicious – especially the pork jerky = yummy, thanks I think I might change my lucky number to 8 🍀



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