Training update – Early November

Smooth sailing and slowly building up my fitness and endurance.

I had a few days off work and completed Week 4 on the Couch to 5k (C25K) mainly during daylight hours.

Walking to warm down after my final Week 4 run on C25K

I also hit the climbing gym for the first time in a long while and had a short but fun session bouldering at The Mothership.

Getting ready to boulder at The Mothership

I either ran, swam or climbed pretty much every day, which is great to look back at.

Swimming kept getting better. I achieved my personal best of 72 lengths on 3rd November and I’ve managed to get into putting my head underwater when I swim breaststroke which has also really helped me push myself and get out of breath when I swim.

The countdown is really ticking!!

Towards the middle of November I went to see Gemma, my physiotherapist again. I didn’t have a huge amount to work on, which is fantastic. She loosened up the muscles in my neck, with one side sounding particularly crunchy, which was odd. And she also had another go at my quads to keep them loose to help step up the intensity of working out.

I’m going to add some more core exercises to my workouts over the next month to help me get ready for dragging the pulk! Mainly plank-type exercises but also bird-dog

Bird Dog exercise image from Popsugar

The weather really has been fine so far. Usually around 12 degrees Celsius, which is too warm to run in my dayglow pink thin jacket. The weather reporters have started predicting a REALLY severe cold snap but I’m not sure when it will hit.

For my regular running route, I’ve found new industrial estate that has well lit paths and smooth pavements. Frustrating that none of the roads in my estate are either well lit or smooth enough to safely run on at night.

I hadn’t mentioned it before but I am only vaguely tracking my weight through this training, but I’m not particularly trying to lose weight and if I’m honest I’m secretly hoping to find out that chubbiness will actually help me in the Cairngorms.

Me conquering a bumblebee route

Right at the end of this “early November”, I had a lovely bouldering session with Kyrie on Sunday morning.

Kyrie and I on top of one of the boulders

Then I swam with Lance on the Sunday evening. I swam my personal best, with 74 lengths in under 53 minutes!

I wondered if I would pay for overdoing it.. absolutely yes!!

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