Training update – Late November

I started “late November” with pretty epic DOMS after checking whether I was fit enough to climb and then swim, in that order. Turns out that I can, but that doesn’t mean I should!

And then Couch to 5k (C25K) – Run 5.3 is a warm up then 20 minutes running.. a massive step up. I did that with pretty sore muscles and I was alright. The temperature was still 10 degrees Celsius and a bit misty, fine tonight but Autumn is definitely setting in.

I finally had a total rest day, just keeping my step count up at 6000 and then on Wednesday I was right back at it with a swim session. I don’t quite know how, but I managed to smash my personal best. In 56 minutes I swam 84 lengths!! That’s over 1.3 miles and I am genuinely chuffed.

It gets dark so early now!! But at least it’s still fairly warm. I had a particularly busy week with lots of travel and so I took my running gear away with me and tried to find a decent running spot near my hotel one evening. It left a lot to be desired to be honest.

Dreadful photo to commemorate a pretty gross run!

Run 6.2 included two 10-minute runs separated by a 3 minute walk.. I was glad that the walk wasn’t too long as it was super dark and I really didn’t want to hang around in the park any longer than I had to.

After a hectic few days I managed to pick up a cold but I took cold & flu medication and rested as much as I could, and I shook the roughness in less than 24 hours! My next swim was a fairly leisurely one with Lance and we managed a calm 64 lengths.

Well that escalated quickly…. I’ve just finished today’s Run 6.3 which was a step change in a couple of ways. Firstly, it’s just 25 minutes of running, so there’s no breaks in the session. And secondly, it was FREEZING!! The temperature was 3° but the “feels like” temperature was -1 and it really felt like it. A HUGE change from earlier runs where it was closer to 10°. I found an old beanie and some running gloves that I’ve never used before and they were absolutely spot on. Without them I think I wouldn’t have been able to finish the run. I found myself periodically chuckling out loud at my predicament.

I bought a new pair of trainers this weekend as well (final weekend in November). I bought the last pair in April, so I’m a bit surprised to need new ones this soon but I suppose covid has meant that I wore trainers for far more than just running, and now I can tell that they don’t give me as much support as I need for road running. I’ll make sure to use the “old” pair plenty, to ensure my new ones stay good for running.

New Asics gel-nimbus 23s

I’ve also picked out my sleeping bag for the expedition and I’m so excited to try it out – need to start planning a pre-trek trip.

Checking out the difference between the 4-season sleeping bags at my local Snow+Rock store

Swimming on Sunday evening was hard work, even 4 hours after a roast dinner, but I managed 70 lengths at a steady pace despite feeling like I was close to sinking!

At the end of November I have swum 18.5 miles and I’m one run into Week 7 of the C25K 🙂

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  1. As someone who’s grown up in a tropical country, running in 10C weather does sound like an awesome time. Training plan looking pretty awesome there. Thanks for sharing!


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