119 Hours in Shanghai

Back to Mainland China! I've not been here since my incredible trip from Moscow to Beijing and the Great Wall back in...I was applying for a visa-free visit or up to 144 hours and had to show four or five people the onward flight information and then I was issued a transit visa. It went... Continue Reading →

Getting from Sabang/Puerto Galera to Coron

Travelling between places in the Philippines is hard. It's much more time-consuming than I expected, so one month here is great, but it is nowhere near enough time to visit all the places I want to see and have any time to relax. I'll come back one day to see the places I haven't made... Continue Reading →


My flight landed late so I didn't get through immigration until around 10pm and then I followed signs to the MRT (metro) to take me into the city. As usual I got some cash from an ATM before leaving the terminal but this time it wasn't quite good enough because the ticket machine only takes... Continue Reading →

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