Island Hopping from Coron

Andy and I booked a day trip island hopping around the Coron area. The trip cost 1,600 Pesos (£24), with snorkeling gear costing 150 Pesos extra.

It is my first proper touristy activity in the Philippines and it’s funny already. The guide is nicknamed 59 Seconds and he is a real comedian.

Our first stop was a beautiful lagoon full of knobbly limestone formations above and below water, as well as needlefish. No other fish at all, which was strange. It’s really idyllic but very busy because all the day trip boats stop here as it’s close to the port.

The second spot was a nice, shallow coral garden for some snorkeling. The visibility was good and there were lots of cool fish.

Lunch was at a stunning tropical beach. The food was good but it was a bit of a tourist zoo (to be expected). Totally worth it for this view.

Next we visited skeleton wreck and a big shoal of young fish that hang out under a floating platform. It was so busy! It seemed like there were hundreds of people there all kicking and flailing about above the wreck. It was still good to see though – the boat looks like it is a big ribcage in the depths. I had a decent swim around while we were here, chasing sergeant major fish and I found a big group of needlefish too.

Then we hung out at a gorgeous spot but the boat had to stay out at anchor and they had acquired a guitar so Andy was playing and we bought beers from a dude in a canoe and I sat and enjoyed the live music and spent some time practicing my balancing out on the rigging.

The last destination was an awesome little lagoon with a freshwater river feeding into it. The cold fresh water was at the top and the water was so warm underneath. During low tide you can swim under the rock through a hole into the lagoon. There were lots of little brown jellyfish in the area and in the lagoon as soon as I took my face out of the water my ankle got attacked by a damselfish being territorial.

It was a great day! Really relaxing and also nice to see the paradise beaches around Coron. Plus it was awesome to hang out with Andy again!

I’ve decided to skip out the rest of Palawan (as I fully intend to return fairly soon) and go instead to Malapascua for some shark diving. So tomorrow I fly to Cebu ready for the overland trip to Malapascua.

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