…And the next challenge

So. Home safe in England, but still buzzing from my first trip out of the UK in 2 years, I started to get itchy feet.

I reached out to one of the most adventurous people I know, Katie Comer, tour guide for Dragoman overland adventures all over the world, who led my journey through Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan a number of years ago. I asked Katie what cool adventures she had brewing that involved hiking, altitude or something similar and I got a really quick response saying that she’s going to be doing lots of winter training in Scotland and I was welcome to join her for a particular beauty of a challenge.

I looked at the website and almost immediately signed up…

Cover image for the City Mountaineering Winter Traverse of the Cairngorms trip

We’re going to be trekking across the Cairngorms in February, pulling pulks and digging snow holes for shelter. The company running the expedition is City Mountaineering and the trip is Winter Traverse of the Cairngorms.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more certain I am that this particular adventure is the most bonkers thing I’ve signed up for.

I can’t wait for the challenge but it’s also an incredible motivation to get strong and fit over the winter.

So there we have it, to make sure I’m fit enough for any physical obstacles during astronaut selection, I decided to train for a gruelling trek across a mountain range in the depths of winter!

I’ve decided to raise money for an awesome charity as another great source of motivation to push myself to head out into the cold, all through the winter. More to follow soon 🙂

And the training starts here – I’ll blog my way through.

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