High Rollin’ in Macau

Macau is really amazing and it's so different from Hong Kong and China. Kat and I spent three days here at the end of our travels together. Until next time Kat! The place is small and it's easy to get around by bus which cost 6 MOP/HKD (£0.60) per journey. The only thing to watch... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Georgia – a few days around Kutaisi

I'm in Georgia!! I managed to arrange to meet some friends here so the next couple of weeks are with Seb and Emma and involve plenty of hiking, then Seb and I will carry on for another few weeks in Armenia and Azerbaijan. I liked Kutaisi and enjoyed having a few days to explore the... Continue Reading →

Road Trip to Riga

I had booked a flight from Riga at an ungodly hour, so arriving just in time for the flight wasn't going to work without paying a fortune... Except, I remembered that a couple of people had told me about a great Tallinn to Riga sightseeing day trip which arrives at 9pm in the city! Just... Continue Reading →

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